Most Germans Want US Military to Leave the Country

Unlike their elected riulers, most Germans don’t want to be part of the nuclear ‘theater’
Trump, once again doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, wants to pull US troops out of Germany because Germany doesn’t spend enough on “defence”.
The German population tend to like it but don’t like his reasons. And, as is so often the case, mere citizens are more progressive, enlightened and realistic than the myopic fools elected to represent them. Five of the six parliamentary parties want the US military to stay. Better educated in elite cocktail party strategic thinking and the stale, backward and obviously wrong power-struggle views of history hawked by “intellectuals” such as Francis Fukiyama and Zbigniew Brzezinski, they no doubt buy into the eternal “threat” posed by “The Russian” (“der Russe”).
Public opinion is even clearer on US nuclear weapons in Germany. 66% want them out, 19% don’t. But a majority in the Bundestag find it safer to achieve security by continuing to stand on the brink of nuclear war until it happens.


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