Note to Mehdi Hasan re: Media Lens and Srebrenica

TO mehdi.hasan@huffingtonpost.com

Dear Mehdi Hasan

You remarked on Twitter, to John Rentoul, that you "obviously" disagreed with the editors of Media Lens about the Srebrenica Massacre.
What exactly did you think their position was that you felt the need to say you "obviously" disagreed?
Have you read this piece that the ML editors pointed out to you?
As you can see from the piece, Oliver Kamm has not only lied – relentlessly – that the editors "deny" the massacre. Kamm has also spread the wretched fabrication that the editors celebrate the massacre. This dramatically illustrates the impunity with which liberal pundits slander people provided they are not as rich as Lord McAlpine. In fact, George Monbiot, who is now in legal trouble with Lord McAlpine, did a lot to lend credibility to Kamm's lies.
Please clarify exactly what you "disagree" with the ML editors about regarding the Srebrenica Massacre. It is troubling how widely Kamm's libelous remarks have been accepted as true. You trust your liberal colleagues way more than you should.
Joe Emersberger

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