Occupy Dalhousie University Nov 16th

Occupy Dalhousie University Tomorrow Nov 16th
Together with U of Occupy and Occupy Nova Scotia

Schedule of Events and Speakers for U of Occupy Event at Dalhousie University tomorrow themed 'Ideas are Free.'

There has been a change in location for this event to the upper lobby of the McCain building. There will be a mic and an amp set up at one end, and the table in the middle will be used as an art station.

10:00am – Kick-off/Welcome remarks
Prof. Chike Jeffers, Department of Philosophy: Social Ethics

10:30am – Prof. Christina Behme, Department of Philosophy: A Lesson and Discussion on Environmental Ethics

11:00 – Space open for students, members of Occupy NS

11:30 – Prof. Mike Doan: Philosophy of Education

12:00 – Alexander Redfield (founder of the Acadia University student farm): Food Politics and Corporatization on Campus

12:30 – Prof. Max Haiven: Edu-Factory, Financial Capitalism and Student Debt, and the Radical Imagination in a History of Social Movements

1:00 – James Green (Occupy Magazine) – Journalism and Censorship

1:30 – Andony Melathopolous (member of the Dalhousie Platypus Society): Does Marxism even Matter?

2:00 – space open for students, members of Occupy NS

2:30 – Emilie Novaczek, Youth Delegate for the International Climate Summit in South Africa, and a member of the Climate Youth Coalition: Climate Change and Peak Oil

3:00 – Prof. Fiona Martin, Dept. of Sociology and Social Anthropology: Consumer Ideology, Social Inequality, and Capitalism

3:45 – Prof. Matthew Furlong, University of King's College

4:00 – David Williams: Community Organizing

5:00 – Matt Furlong, University of King's College

5:20 – Dave Ron (Board Member of NSPIRG): University Activism

For more information email Anna Bishop and Hamish Russell at uofoccupy@gmail.com

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