On Korea

This is my second year in Korea working as an English Teacher. I live in Seoul and it's really great. Culturally it is a million miles away from my home country, Scotland.

Korean people are great. Sure, there is the odd stare or the odd remark because I am a foreigner. There is even the odd physical provocation for the same reason but for the most part Koreans are great. They have been through a lot and have a real understanding of struggle.

There are times when I can't help but think of those in the North. North Korea is a horrible horrible place. People here are lucky. For example, there is an absolute abundance of food. Loads of it. It makes me feel really sad when I think about those just over the border who live a terrible life. We are worlds apart.

The Government here could be doing more. Their policies towards the North are creating a lot of tension in the region. While I don't think an all out war is coming I am worried about the future of Korea. I hope one day that the two countries can be a whole. Right now that seems unlikely.

A change in policy is needed.

I hope it comes sooner, rather than later.

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