Out of Everywhere

"At this point, we’ve arrived at an understanding of a confluence of interest that utterly transcends the old "three worlds" paradigm, harkening an entirely different praxical symbiosis, one which is not so much revolutionary as it is devolutionary. We don’t want China out of Tibet so much as we want China out of China. We don’t just want the US out of Southeast Asia or Southern Africa or Central America, we want it out of North America, off the planet, out of existence all together. This is to say that we want the US out of our lives and thereby everyone else’s. The pieces dovetail rather well, don’t they? Indeed, they can’t really be separated and only a false analysis might ever have concluded that they could."


"Hence we must seek nothing less than the dismemberment and dissolution of every statist/corporate entity in the world. All of them. No exceptions."-Ward Churchill


So let’s start here shall we soldiers…


…So see ya CIA slayer, betrayer of innocents, subversion of solidarity and social economies. See I ate the red pill, and since then, ain’t been able to sit still. So smile, say cheese—Surprise—I’m your assassin at the windowsill.


We are the new serpents come to reclaim the garden. We are patient, yet we are hungry.


ssssss           ssssss           sSSSS!

           ssssss            ssssss


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