Promoting Parecon, the Paperback

In a couple of weeks the paperback edition of Parecon: Life After Capitalism, will come off the press in England (Verso being the publisher). I imagine books will be available there and in the U.S. two or three weeks later.

Verso has no real means of promotion that I have discerned, at any rate, so the only way the book is going to get serious visibility – really any visibility at all – is if reviewers or others able to converse with an audience spontaneously give it coverage, or if I do something that works.

Reviewers in the U.S. and Britain, periodicals that is, have been virtually silent for a year about the cloth edition. I would imagine the only way that that could change is if there were lots of letters to progressive outlets asking why they are rejecting reviews of the book. Why don’t they think it makes sense to review a work on economic vision? Perhaps some folks will feel that is a good question to ask.

For myself, I have to think about trying to bring the paperback to people’s attention, as something they might like to look at. I am considering ideas for how to do that – anyone who has anything to suggest, please let me know – sysop@zmag.org

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