Reuters articles that mention Steven Donziger since November 2013

1) Court-appointed attorney for Donziger says thanks but no thanks, citing ‘irreconcilable conflict’

… Donziger, the American lawyer who spent more than two decades suing… legal saga, Donziger’s ex-lawyer Frisch told the court in filings that he…
SEPTEMBER 02, 2020 04:48PM EDT

2) Judge drags Donziger’s ex-atty back in to court to represent him at conduct trial

…By Sebastien Malo Steven Donziger, the American lawyer who spent more… Loretta Preska ordered Donziger’s former lead defense attorney, Andrew…

AUGUST 28, 2020 06:06PM EDT

3) Lawyer who took on Chevron in Ecuador is disbarred in New York

…By Jonathan Stempel NEW YORK (Reuters) – Steven Donziger… in New York by a state appeals court. Nine years ago, Donziger had won…

AUGUST 14, 2020 07:00PM EDT

4) International tribunal rules in favor of Chevron in Ecuador case

… Steven Donziger won an $18 billion judgment in 2011, representing… billion and in July Donziger was suspended from practicing law in New…

SEPTEMBER 07, 2018 12:25PM EDT

5) New York appeals court suspends lawyer who sued Chevron over Ecuador claims

… for the lawyer, Steven Donziger, did not immediately respond to requests… for comment. Donziger in 2011 won an $18 billion judgment, later…

JULY 10, 2018 02:50PM EDT

6) U.S. top court hands Chevron victory in Ecuador pollution case

… Steven Donziger, who has spent more than two decades trying to hold…, California-based Chevron has said it is not liable and that Donziger and his…

JUNE 19, 2017 02:34PM EDT

7) Court rejects bid to enforce Ecuador judgment on Chevron Canada

…, Steven Donziger, and his associates went too far, including arranging…

JANUARY 20, 2017 09:46PM EST

8) Chevron wins U.S. ruling blocking $8.6 billion Ecuador rainforest award

… ruling against the American lawyer Steven Donziger, who has spent more than… Gupta, a lawyer for Donziger, said in a statement. “We will be exploring…

AUGUST 08, 2016 03:09PM EDT

9) U.S. top court rejects Ecuador challenge to Chevron arbitration award

…, Steven Donziger, committed fraud in securing that judgment. Donziger…

JUNE 06, 2016 01:54PM EDT

10) Week Ahead in Energy and Environment: Feb. 8, 2016

… the Chevron v. Donziger litigation. Speaker is Michael Goldhaber, Senior…

FEBRUARY 08, 2016 08:14AM EST

11) Gibraltar court awards Chevron $28 million in damages

…. Gibraltar-based Amazonia Recovery Ltd was set up by Steven Donziger… in Ecuador. It is also suing Donziger and others in federal court…

DECEMBER 16, 2015 12:08PM EST

“The Ecuadoreans initially sued Chevron in federal court in Manhattan in 1993. After Chevron successfully argued the case should be heard in Ecuador, the villagers filed a new lawsuit there.”

12) U.S. court rejects Ecuador challenge to $96 mln Chevron award

… that the villagers’ American lawyer, Steven Donziger, committed fraud… in securing that judgment. Donziger, who denies any wrongdoing, has appealed…

AUGUST 04, 2015 08:46PM EDT

13) U.S. court hears Chevron’s fraud claims in $9.5 bln Ecuador dispute

… that Steven Donziger, a U.S. lawyer who represented a group… to uphold a ban on Donziger profiting from the case and from the attorney…

APRIL 20, 2015 03:28PM EDT

“The Ecuadoreans initially sued Chevron in federal court in Manhattan in 1993. After Chevron successfully argued the case should be heard in Ecuador, the villagers filed a new lawsuit there.”

14) In Chevron case, Ecuador says new tests prove long-standing pollution

… through fraud. (The villagers and their former lawyer, Steven Donziger…

MAY 22, 2014 05:22PM EDT

15) Ecuadoreans try to block Patton Boggs settlement with Chevron

… by the villagers’ lawyer, Steven Donziger. In March, Kaplan ruled… that Donziger had used “corrupt means,” including bribery to secure the 2011…

MAY 22, 2014 12:34PM EDT

16) Patton Boggs firm defends role reversal in Chevron pollution case

… for the villagers, Steven Donziger, who was found by a New York judge…. Donziger is appealing the ruling. Donziger, who called the Patton Boggs…

MAY 13, 2014 01:13PM EDT

17) Bully tactics aside – is it finally time to exonerate Chevron?

… it launched against the Ecuadoreans’ lead lawyer, Steven Donziger… Boggs now among them, have abandoned Donziger for their actions…

 I’ve come to believe Donziger couldn’t make a case against the company. Sometimes, bullies are also truth-tellers.

[This was a blog post by Alison Frankel that Reuters posted]

MAY 07, 2014 06:40PM EDT

18) Chevron settlement could aid Patton Boggs merger: lawyers

… federal judge found plaintiffs lawyer Steven Donziger and his legal… on behalf of the villagers. Donziger is appealing. Shortly afterward…

MAY 07, 2014 03:54PM EDT

19) Chevron settles Ecuador dispute with Patton Boggs for $15 mln

… Donziger. In March, a New York federal judge found that Donziger and his… Chevron had polluted the rainforest. Donziger is appealing. Chevron…

MAY 07, 2014 12:41PM EDT

20) Patton Boggs’ latest case vs Chevron over pollution award tossed

… Donziger had claimed Chevron polluted Ecuador’s rainforest. The two other…’ lawyers under Donziger in obtaining the Ecuadorian judgment, and the fact…

MAY 01, 2014 02:39AM EDT

21) Chevron wins a round in U.S. suit against lawyer in Ecuador case

… against Chevron Corp in Ecuador. Lawyer Steven Donziger is appealing a 500… in the United States. Chevron filed a lawsuit against Donziger in New…

APRIL 25, 2014 08:15PM EDT

22) Canada high court to hear Chevron in $9.1 billion Ecuador lawsuit

… on March 4 that found that American lawyer Stephen Donziger had used… in Ecuador. It barred Donziger and the villagers from enforcing…

APRIL 03, 2014 02:40PM EDT

23) N.Y. judge lets Chevron bring fraud claims against Patton Boggs

…, an Ecuadorean judge ruled in favor of plaintiff lawyer Steven Donziger… that there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Donziger’s legal…

MARCH 31, 2014 06:12PM EDT

24) Chevron seeks $32 million in legal fees in Ecuador case

… million in legal fees from Steven Donziger and others who this month who… on Tuesday, Chevron asked a federal court in New York to order Donziger…

MARCH 19, 2014 02:13PM EDT

“Kaplan’s ruling, which followed a six-week non-jury trial in New York, bars Donziger and the villagers from attempting to collect on the judgment in the United States”

25) Lawyer appeals ruling that blocks U.S. collection of award in Chevron Ecuador case

…. Lawyer Steven Donziger has also asked the judge, U.S. District Judge… considers the merits of Donziger’s challenge, a process…

MARCH 18, 2014 04:45PM EDT

26) RPT-Chevron’s U.S. win in Ecuador case looms over cases elsewhere

… Stephen Donziger used “corrupt means” to help villagers from the Lago… billion. While Kaplan’s decision bars Donziger and the villagers from…

MARCH 08, 2014 09:00AM EST

“In 2011, Kaplan issued a decision blocking the plaintiffs from trying to enforce the Ecuadorean judgment anywhere in the world, but the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York overturned that ruling.”

“In his opinion on Tuesday, Kaplan carefully said his order against Donziger ‘does not ‘disrespect the legal system … of the country in which the judgment was issued’ or those of ‘other countries’ in which the (Lago Agrio plaintiffs) now, or later may, seek to enforce the judgment.’ “

27) Ecuador $9.5 billion ruling against Chevron was corrupt: U.S. judge

… evidence” that attorney Steven Donziger’s legal team used bribery, fraud… said, Donziger cannot use a “Robin Hood” defense to justify illegal…

MARCH 04, 2014 06:59PM EST

“During the non-jury trial, which ended in November, Kaplan heard from 31 witnesses and considered written testimony from 37 others. Chevron also introduced reams of documents, including Donziger’s personal notebook, purporting to show that he was involved in a wide-ranging fraud.”

28) Accused of fraud against Chevron, lawyer is defiant in defeat

…By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) – Steven Donziger, the Harvard… against the oil company in Ecuador in 2011, Donziger promised to appeal…

MARCH 04, 2014 06:21PM EST

“He said Kaplan exhibited clear animosity toward him and routinely ruled against him, including in a decision to oversee the trial himself rather than putting the case to a jury.”

29) Chevron CEO says ruling in Ecuador case a ‘resounding victory’

… elsewhere.” Steven Donziger, a Harvard-educated U.S. lawyer who…

MARCH 04, 2014 01:34PM EST

30) U.S. judge rules for Chevron in Ecuador environmental case

… Donziger’s legal team bribed an Ecuadorean judge to issue an $18 billion… Ecuador between 1964 and 1992. The decision bars Donziger…

MARCH 04, 2014 10:08AM EST

31) U.S. trial ends over Ecuador pollution judgment against Chevron

… on Tuesday accused U.S. lawyer Steven Donziger of orchestrating… Donziger’s involvement in any conspiracy. “Raw accusations…

NOVEMBER 26, 2013 04:44PM EST

32) U.S. lawyer denies bribery at trial in Chevron-Ecuador case

… made. Chevron has claimed that the lawyer, Steven Donziger, used fraud… the Ecuadorean case, Nicolas Zambrano. Guerra said that the Donziger…

NOVEMBER 19, 2013 04:26PM EST

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