First of all, I am a simpleton, a nobody, not uneducated, but a person who was raised in a time when the work of a father only required one job.  If it was a trust fund profession, like tenured teachers or banking, or doctoring, then, all the better.  The trump card was that you had to be white.  It was a perfect storm and frankly I was a brat but happy to be one.  I thought I was something.  I have learned since that this was all a delusion.  A selfish delusion and that money and hormones were man's real enemies.  Big enemies!

Lately, London has begun to burn and my little brain is trying to bring solutions into focus.  All of this turmoil is over money.  I am a Christian Atheist and the Old Testament calls for a Jubilee every fifty years to combat the incessant building of piles of money.  Money that people do not need and cannot possibly use.  Ever!  The ancients knew the corrosive power of wealth the same exact way we do today.   The T-V is full of self righteous individuals condemning the violence, saying, "You must condone this then".  (These are the people in control and constantly tearing at "entitlements" just like the Christian devil.)   No!  Nobody condones violence except the have's, who are protecting their monies and property.

The only way to get to these greedy, maniacal, hypocritical rulers is to disrupt and dismantle their financial networks and attack what they worship most. They already have everything.  Guns, all the money, judges, Congress , the ruthless financial institutions, corporations and the propaganda to turn all of us into ignorant serfs that attack their own best interests so that we will ultimately adore to privilege of begging, pleading, and kissing a ring.  Attack the computers and the very financial institutions that serve them.  Support hackers.  Hit them where it hurts the worst.  Destroy secret accounts and the piles of money they have hoarded over the centuries.  Money is the root of all evil.  Let's twist, mangle and poison the financial kudzu vine at its base so it will die.   Let's CAUSE a real jubilee that destroys all debt and repeat it every 50 years.  That way, none, can lord themselves over any other person.

Well, you know what.  This racist planet will never do any of the things I have suggested or pointed out, but I intend to be, non-violently, in Washington, 10-06-2011.  (I hope many will be there.)  I may get a bullet from the police state but I really do not give a big damn because I have led a very good life and really do not deserve any more than I have had over the years. I admit that I am afraid because I have dreaded facing real evil for a long time.  (I have never experienced it and know it not.)

My biggest regret is my children are being left with a disastrous situation and I ache for them and all other peoples of this earth. 70 years is long enough.  

Lester Shepherd
Roanoke, Alabama

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