‘Rocky Ride’ for Bolivia, Will Western Leftists Assist?

The BBC reports a "rocky ride" this year for Bolivia.* In fact, the article, contra its title, lends the impression the social movement in Bolivia is doing miraculously well given the odds against it. However, that people in other countries, besides expatriate Bolivians, should assist the country was completely disregarded by the author. Hardly surprising, of course, he is a correspondent for the BBC. What is surprising, however, is that by an large the left in the West seem to have missed this point too. In fact, I discovered the link to this article accidently at the bottom of a totally irrelevant article on Jeremy Clarkson (UK auto show host and ineffectual political aspirant) bounced to the Left Business Observer Mailing List (LBO Talk) by a prominent member. A better example I cannot think of. A silly remark made by a washedup celebrity taking precedence over the fate of a serious attempt by a Third World country to build a decent society for itself on a left–not even liberal–but unequivocally left forum. It seems we have a lot to be ashamed of.




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