Psychiatrists, Local Police and Judges at Santiago de Compostela (ii)

Two years later, (I was mandatorily retired on April 2001 by Galician Educational Authorities) on 26/06/2002, I happened to fall profoundly asleep at a bar. My primary physician, Dr. Raimundo López Vázquez, had signed for me a prescription of Zaleplon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaleplon?wprov=sfti1) , I had spended the afternoon in a bar, the Apollo, had a few beers and finally took a couple of Zaloplon tabs. Fell in a sort of coma and the guys at the bar called the ambulances. I awoke once more in the hospital, in a huge large room. Strangely enough,  I remember a few computer screens and also that, when I woke up, the girl who cleaned the room was someone that had been also in the bar. I was lying on a stretcher, fully dressed, but with no shoes. Some time after a doctor came, told me I might have intended to commit suicide, and sent me to relate my memories of the day to two medicine students. When I was, he ordered a guard to take hold on me. One of the girls was amazed and whispered  “Son of a bitch!” The doctor told the guard not to hurt me, buc I did punch his nose.

The report says they call a Dr. Méndez (I can’t find any psychiatrist with that surname in Santiago de Compostela) and Dr. Vidal Millares (a woman, it seems, Maria Vidal Villares; also difficult to find anything about her online. Anyway, I don’t remember having talked to any woman: https://xxicoruna.sergas.gal/Paxinas/web.aspx?tipo=paxtxt&idLista=4&idContido=577&migtab=561%3B577&idTax=163&idioma=es&vota=1). This is what the report they fill says:


ANAMNESIS: (Two capital letters I’m unable to read) No diseases, no allergies (two more letters it’s impossible to understand). He is brought by the 061 due to a decrease in the threshold of consciousness.  He is in a bar all afternoon (4 beers + 3 drinks) and when they go to tell him they’re closing, he was asleep.

PHYSICAL EXPLORATION: He had a box of pills (Sonata 10) (zaleplon) in which five are missing, but he states he only had two.

Coma … he reacts vs stimuli (another unintelligible word) with incomprehensible sounds and mobilizing the extremities (in a subit, shadowy? anormal? way), (I remember talking to the girls, and the fight with the guard, though).  Ethylic fetor.

Cardio-Pulmonar auscultation: normal. AB0 0

SUPPLEMENTARY DATA: WEIGHT: (Blank); PULSATIONS: (Blank); BREATHING: (Blank); Ta: (Blank); TA (blank)

ANALYTICS: (one single unintelligible word).


OTHER SCANS: OPS/GPS?: PH 7.37, PO2 70 (this is poor. My usual finger oxymeter reading, I have three, including the App in the Apple Watch ranges beteen 95-98), PCO2 39 (venous).


TREATMENT ADMINISTERED IN THE UNIT: Anexate 1-IV (Flumazenil, I guess: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flumazenil?wprov=sfti1) > Desnesta? C.OC.? PSQ (the three capitals in a circle) A-Bq: Patient with a previous admission to the Sanatorium of La … (the form now reads: “prescribed home treatment,” but the report ignores it and overwrites what follows) … Robleda, where he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in April 2001 (I was retired in April 2001, my primary doctor, Raimundo Lopez Vazquez got me a permit, but can’t remember being there that time. Probably wasn’t) without having his track being followed (and another unintelligible sign). CH (Clinical History): Patient who comes brought (the form now reads: “Other arrangements made,” but this is, once more, ignored and overwritten) by the 061, because found asleep in a bar. (The form, here: “Admission H.G.G.” – and this box, marked – . “Transfer to” his current unity …?): The patient is (The form here: “The patient goes home,” but this box isn’t allowed; and then: “ other recommendations (alerts, etc)”) unaccompanied, being tried to locate the family, with no result. The patient reports voices that insult him, yell at him since a long time. (The form: “Next check in the Department of,” but this too is overlooked), the patient is quite deteriorated and (here a place for the doctors to sign, but this too is a blank line) querulous and it was needed to call Security and PSQ because of  psychomotor agitation when seeing himself at the hospital. He talks about the “Parliamentary Question,” (there was in fact one about me a few months before my mandatory retirement) and the “curriculum project,” (yes, I was concerned about that) that the patient managed and now are being kept somehow paralyzed. Psycho pathological Examination (this hand written and underlined): conscious, oriented, distrustful, suspicious, querulous, auditory hallucinations, inappropriate laughter, delusional ideation of harm, sleep disturbances. CJ (“clinical judgement”): psychotic descompensation.

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