Solidarity with Elliot Madison

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There is a definite difference between our anarchist comrade Elliot Madison and Apple. Apple has money, lots and lots of money, and as a large corporation I expect they will have an entire legal department. One law for them, another law for us. Even if they don’t file charges these investigations will hurt our comrades. You have to go without or buy new phones, computers, books, and files. Not cheap for us working folk. Other ramifications could be difficulties in organizing, finding/keeping work, paying bills, housing (e.g. losing copy of lease, landlord’s address, etc.), and communicating with friends and family. The last point is very important in times like these when one really needs to call upon their support network. Oh, and it looks like Elliot has retained a lawyer, very expensive!

Is there contact information where people can send messages of support? If anyone has a spare phone, computer, money, please help our comrades! Let’s not let the state pick apart and destroy us one by one. Solidarity forever!

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