Talks in Germany, Switzerland, and UK

I have an upcoming trip, speaking about parecon and realizing hope, this October. I just received the itinerary and I thought I would put it here, in case there is interest. It is a strenuous tour, looks like 22 talks in 20 days, so I hope I will see some friendly faces!

German Talks…

1 Thursday, 5th October, Berlin 7 – 9.30 pm at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Franz-Mehring-Platz 1)
A panel debate with Alex Demirovic (

2 Friday, 9.30 to (at most) 13, RLS. Organizers are RLS and Attac.
A workshop with you and Alex and interested people

3 Friday, Francfort, half past eight in the evening
organizer is the local chapter of the RLS and your publishing house (Trotzem).
Here the point is the presentation of your book, it`s main theses etc.; Moderator and Translator is Thomas Atzert

4 Saturday, october 7th, Francfort, 10 a.m.
Francfort Book Fair, “Forum Sciene”, with Atzert as Translater.

5 Saturday, 8 pm, in a left and radical cultural centre in Bremen, Bernhardstreet 12.
Your lecture is one of the main events of the congress “Out of the World – Science Fiction, Politics, Utopia”.

6 Sunday, october 8th, Münster 7ct p.m.
main organizer is anarchist and grassroots-journal (“Graswurzelrevolution) and some other small anarchist and radical orgnizations too

7 Essen. Organizers are local chapters of the RLS (RL.Club),
7 pm, the Place is “Zeche “Carl”.

8+9 In Tübingen there are two events on the same day. A workshop from 3 p.m. to 6.pm. at the german-american-institute (“Parecon as a model of self-organized work and living?”, organized by the rls
A second event (7 to 9 p.m.), a lecture (“Parceon as a model for the organization of economy and society?”).


10 11. Zürich. Organizers are: the “WOZ”, which is the only Swiss left weekly, and the “Red Factory”, which is a well-known political and cultural centre in Zürich.
This starts at 8 pm

England, Scotland, Ireland

1. Life Beyond Capitalism: Visions for the Future at the 10th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair – The Alternative Book Festival 11:00 AM, 14 Oct 2006

2. Spirit of Resistance & the Z Magazine at the 10th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair – The Alternative Book Festival 3:30 PM, 15 Oct 2006

3. Parecon: Life After Capitalism at the University of Nottingham 4:30 PM, 16 Oct 2006

4. Challenging Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future at University of Hertfordshire 7:00 PM, 17 Oct 2006

5. Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism, Birmingham 7:00 PM, 18 Oct 2006

6. Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future at Glasgow University, Glasgow 2.00pm 19 Oct 2006

7. Against Neo-Liberalism: A Vision for the Future, Strathclyde University 7:00 PM, 19 Oct 2006

8. Realizing Hope : Life Beyond Capitalism at Glasgow College of Art, Glasgow 10.30 am 20 Oct 2006

9. Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism, Oxford 7:00 PM, 20 Oct 2006

10. Anarchism and the Future: Economic & Social Vision & Strategy for Creating a New World & its Relation to the Heritage of Anarchism at the Anarchist Book Fair, London 12:00 noon, 21 Oct 2006

11. What Would Another World Look Like and How Do We Get There? in Dublin, Ireland Time to be confirmed but on 25 Oct 2006

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