The Chicago School of Participatory Economics

I should have posted this earlier, but I might as well post this now. Last October, the Chicago Area Participatory Economics Society, of which I’m a part, held a teach-in at the University of Chicago about participatory economics. The event, entitled "The Chicago School of Participatory Economics", and which included parecon-coinventor Robin Hahnel as the featured presenter, was full of delicious irony: not only did we get a room for an event at the spawning grounds of the disaster called neoliberalism (the University of Chicago), but the event was held in the very building where the University of Chicago Department of Economics was headquartered for decades (this is one time you gotta love those bureaucratic loopholes). I’m also proud to announce that the complete audio of the event is now online in its entirety. Enjoy and let us know what you think. (There’s also the audio of an interview with Robin on the excellent Chicago-based weekly radio show This Is Hell.) Also, on a related note: If you’ll be in Chicago this Saturday, you may want to check out the presentation by CAPES at the Chicago Social Forum, this Saturday, May 6. We’ll have a hands-on session dedicated to participatory economics, and include a round of Chicago Parecon Poker in the part about participatory planning.

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