The Guardian’s Venezuela Coverage

Dear Guardian editors
According to your own search engine, since 2006 you’ve published 524 articles by people consistently hostile to the Chavez government in Venezuela:
Rory Carroll (464); Ben Whitford (25); Roy Greenslade (35)
In contrast you’ve published 94 articles over the same period by regular contributors sympathetic to the Chavez government.
Mark Weisbrot (44) and Richard Gott (50)
This is a rough search. There are many articles both hostile and sympathetic to the Chavez government that are not included, but they would be a small percentage of the totals above. The Guardian’s coverage has been overwhelmingly hostile to the Chavez governmnet – dominated as it is by the output of your Caracas based correspondent Rory Carroll (presently on leave to write a book about Venezuela). His output has been comically one sided and riddled with inaccuracies (to put it kindly). [1]
Progressive movements are only welcomed by the Guardian provided they are not strong enough to seriously challenge large corporate interests based in the USA and Europe. The ultimate compliment to Occupy London or any other progressive movement will be receiving the Chavez treatment from the Guardian.
Joe Emersberger
[1] An archive of emails to Rory Carroll dating back to 2007

RIGHT ON CUE, the day after I sent this note, Rory Carroll reappers in the Guardian with the following article:

Chávez’s daughter posts picture of herself posing with dollars:
Image of Rosinés Chávez, 14, peeking behind a wad of US dollars on Instagram has angered many Venezuelans
Rory Carroll in Caracas guardian.co.uk, Thursday 26 January 2012 06.50 EST


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