The main points

As there is no time (may be we do not have much time as individuals, may be we do not have much time as a community, maybe we do not have much time as a species) we should speak only of the essentials.  

1) It’s essential to meet and talk. For that we need  places. 


2) It’s essential to be organized so that our structure ensures that the executive boards represent the assemblies. For that we need statutes, preferably, similar statutes for all. 


3) We also need some money. Maybe not much. 


4) We need analysts at a local (municipal) level. 


5) We need to stand for (the next) local elections in as many municipalities as possible.


6) We need to be able to spread the main points and the reasons behind them.


7) I’m not sure that we need a theory. We may think at the same time that we act. Having "slavery" in mind would be important.. 

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