The Referendum Will Not Be Televised — or, hello from Venezuela

Greetings from Venezuela. I am not sure how much blogging I will be able to do, or what I will be blogging about. But I am in Venezuela, and I am here to cover the referendum for ZNet, and so I am glad that blogging can be a part of that. More later, I promise. I hope to get interviews and lots more…

I just got here, so all I have done so far is watch the fascinating array of television that is available to Venezuelans. Channel 33, Globovision, had a meeting in a park (a couple of dozen people) on display this morning, where people denounced Chavez for depriving them of their human rights (to be fair, there were Chavistas at the meeting too, and they got a few minutes to speak as well). Channel 45, CMT I believe, had a fellow reading the right-wing newspapers El Nacional and el Universal. And the state television channel, Channel 8, had debates where members of the government appealed to citizens to make sure they got up very early in the morning on the morning of August 15 in order to vote! That is, VERY early — 3am. There is still much concern about sabotage, violence, and so on — if you can check my article with CP Pandya on ZNet you will see that members of the opposition believe that violence is the only option they have left.

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