The Trial of the Millennium

are cordially invited
to attend

The Trial of the Millennium
(Another Heroic Chapter in Human History)

Starring for the defense and in no order of importance what so ever but definitely…out of alphabetical order

Buddhas in Flames Messiahesses Gods Angles The Saints and Sinners Muslims and Jews Communists PEACE Anarchists Legitimate Law Christians Zen Students The Beasts and Children who are still ALIVE Pagans Infidels Goys PsychiatristsThe Mentally Challenged BLIND JUSTICE Mental Patients Extraterrestrials Vegetarians LOVE The Rainbow Family Music Dance Witches The Seed of All the Generations of Humanity Yet to Be and a Host of Other Good, Bad and Naughty Little Demons and Devils


Championing for EVIL Incarnate and the Greatest Army Ever Assembled Under the Banner of HATRED

International Corporations War Profiteers wal-mart Legal Theft Insanity Torture Planned Famine Pestilence Disease and Death Razor Wire Sophists Injustice Court TV Fascism Injustice Superstition Indoctrination Propaganda Lies multiply censors  Complacency THE ANTICHRISTS Cruelty and the Rest of the FUCKING HORSE SHIT!

Where: Broome County Court, NY, USA
When: Sometime In October

No RSVP Required to Tom.Bramin@gmai


But if you can not attend at least be tripping on the opening day of court as we will appreciate that kind of support!

See what the fuck this is all about HERE!

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