Waking up to War Against Venezuela

We the people should stop trusting the same ‘journalists’ that cajoled us into the invasion of Iraq, Libya, ect. Large numbers of us protested then, perhaps we now sulk that if our protests didn’t stop it then, why should we try again? But we have got to wake up, instead of waiting for another huge death toll to finally shake us a little in the safe world and make us all decide we where wrong about that hype, that made us not question enough the war against a sovereign nation yet again.

Now an elected government and people might be invaded for having a bad economy. Essentially caused after an oil price collapse which was out of its hands and then its long time unprovoked enemy the US empire, used the opportunity to increase its ‘Medieval Siege’ of sanctions (as the former UN Rapporteur, Alfred de Zayas, has called US actions against the Venezuelan people’s supply and economy) also US has been harming business in other nations that dare trade with Venezuela. The better off whiter neighbourhoods who had been used to having all the power and privilege, now protest the consequent falling economy with renewed vigour, having always despised their half indigenous egalitarian president’s re elected successor Maduro anyway, many of them racists, they used call Chavez a ‘Monkey’ and hated his well earned popularity among the poorer majority of Venezuelans, to whom his Bolivarian government’s many internationally praised progressive social policies, full of new opportunities for the poor and forgotten where most deservedly loyal. Then add the further hypocracy of US criticism against this besieged and embattled government’s difficult policing of the more violent protests, much of which are openly funded and directed by the US as part of their overall formula.

The USA, has maliciously treated far smaller Venezuela since 1998 with no fair cause as a sworn enemy of ‘national security’. Yet Venezuela without rancour, through its USA based oil branch company CITGO has for years been providing discounted oil to low income US families in over 20 states. After natural disasters it even gave it free. But the lawless US regime has now seized that companies profits!

By what cause does the US act against a peaceful neighbour? Of course we hear why, they tell us in the empire’s new brutalist style, they have outright boasted why, its for oil. Oil for the empire’s, profit and control and we again are caught in headlights as another nation is criminally invaded. Its all a formula in stages to ‘manufacture’ our quiet acceptance and ‘consent’. We are trapped in a silent confusion through mainstream corporate media’s bad and presumptuous parenting. True Journalists that dispute the propaganda are ignored by the propagandas repetition. Eventually after all the bloodshed we’ll act up a bit, financiers might call for the US to really reign in the death toll, that maybe the war wasn’t what their best intentions hoped it would be.

I’m not sure if we have any foreign news ‘journalists’ here in Ireland, where I live, there is some cheer leaders in our respectable press reporting for the criminal coup and the US propaganda that could lead to allowing the disaster of a war, who see been embedded safely with the empire and its proxies as an empowering ‘access’, they buy into bullshit with abandon and have no rigour or integrity. Orla Guerin, in the long ago disgraced BBC, has learnt nothing from Iraq and all the other invasions, but have we not learnt to stop trusting her? Are we in Ireland a nation on the cheap, imitators, collaborators, electing fraud governments who tell us that all we are and can ever hope to be is a cheap corporate haven, should we just shut up then, think of our own plates and keep the tourists charmed?

This time its a coup proudly out in the open for the largest oil reserves in the Earth, never mind this ‘Humanitarian Aid’ show. The UN and all leading charities are not supporting the US aid because they say its ‘politicised’. Its a deceitful show and also part of a military build up in Columbia & Brazil borders, not to mention hypocritical, why not just lift the siege of your own sanctions and trade embargo on Venezuela (which are not some new surgically targeted smart bomb sanction myth, they affect the whole economy and all Venezuela’s people) lift your siege if you are now ‘humanitarian’.

If we allow this invasion go ahead, a great many people will die. We can kiss a final goodbye to sovereignty norms everywhere and all the long eroded UN semblances, this criminal audacity is helping lead to a global free for all.

The lousy Democrat elite as well, if they are not usurped as the frauds they are, especially in foreign policy, then who will bother to vote for that party, their better half , their grass roots and Bernie inspire real hope, but the controlling group just like the republican mafia, love empire and war, they just differ over the choices of icing and speeches for the cake. Democrats need to stop cheering empire and then expecting to bring out any peoples better angels at election, both party’s unite in violent foreign policy courting only corporate interest truly, bringing out instead a world of more hostility and conflict for the sake of profit and competing advantage, they deny our humanity is born in conscience throughout this whole world, they lead us nowhere good.

We don’t need and may not survive a new cold war or whatever they’re envisaging, where unquestioned corporations in each block can settle down to harvest us while we are preoccupied in the ‘great’ fearful distraction of walls and borders, that will of course imprison us all into sides, and the huge terrible wars that such hostile encamped misbegotten stupidities can tumble us all down into willing or not.

I hope we wake up soon to the deficiency of much of our news media, I hope we wake in common conscience against this criminal siege to degrade and sabotage Venezuela in the terrible preparations for its invasion. I hope US citizens are given some good way to vote out their warmongers on both sides and vote in something truly better. I hope Venezuela does not suffer war and instead is embraced with the oxygen of trade as it naturally needs and deserves. That it may continue to live in peace and elect its own leaders as so many international election observers continue to attest it does do, so much so that the US now tries to bully the observers from going to observe the elections. The UN was pressured by US not to go last time, how and why it was I don’t know because the opposition groups except for the coup leaders faction, did participate in the last elections, so the UN should have been interested in going to witness them as well. But now at least, the UN are refusing to participate in the US besieger’s ‘Humanitarian Aid’ so hopefully they’ve woken up again in time to where this is been rolled.

One encouraging thing is, I’ve heard no people I meet talking of the need for a war on Venezuela. I think so many lies from previous wars and the new most odious US regime’s blatant deceit and cruelty, has naturally immunised us from believing their war hype. No one wants it besides our committed mainstream storytellers and the US elites. In our busy lives, we would like to find a way to change the channel on their world and turn on a better one, one we could believe in work for and be proud of all over the world.

I am grateful to Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people, they heartened and inspired me when I was in a crap job, to believe in my self and that a better world was possible again. I know they still inspire me and a great many around the world, in their struggle and love.



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    Michael March 10, 2019 1:40 pm 

    Of course, there is no need for war with Venezuela. It is just US land grab, or in this case oil, and the deep-rooted belief in US hegemony. Rapacious, evil, violent, and undermines the right of the US to function as a country. Will it ever stop? If it does, it will not come from the goodness of the US.

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