Watching the TV news

The news of the big chains do not meet the challenge of reporting. In a great extent they are "intimidating", they create a world in which, for the  moment,  it’s possible to live, but you should be careful, because "strange things happen". 

Slavery is also a matter of numbers: slaves were always more numerous than their masters.


If there was a democracy, if  votes were actually counted, if election campaigns would allow an assessment of the programs, if slaves could expose their own programs effectively to other slaves … If someone could use TV for asking pretended socialist politicians what does it mean to be a member of a "Socialist Party"… News would be at the service of slaves.   


But news are educational.


As slaves are too numerous, they intend to alter their quality, to change their minds.


Day after day, the TV news show that everyone is free… in a dangerous world…, run by experts…, who do their best for getting as many as possible a job. As George Orwell prophesied. 




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