Agriculture & Food in Crisis

The failures of “free-market” capitalism are perhaps nowhere more evident than in the production and distribution of food. In Agriculture and Food in Crisis, editors Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar have assembled an exceptional collection of scholars from around the world to explore the politics of growing food insecurity and the rise of global resistance. International contributors include Walden Bello, Miguel Altieri, Peter Rosset, Christina Schiavoni and many others.
Agriculture and Food in Crisis: Conflict, Resistance and Renewal
Edited by Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar
Monthly Review Press, 2010
An Overview of the Food and Agriculture Crisis by Fred Magdoff and Brian Tokar
Understanding the Agrifood Crisis
1. Food Wars by Walden Bello and Mara Baviera
2. The World Food Crisis in Historical Perspective by Philip McMichael
3. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Vanishing Peasantries and the Specter of a Global Food Crisis by Deborah Fahy Bryceson
4. Origins of the Food Crisis in India and Developing Countries by Utsa Patnaik
5. Free Trade in Agriculture: A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Done by Sophia Murphy
6. Biofuels and the Global Food Crisis by Brian Tokar
7. The Global Land Grab by GRAIN
8. The Globalization of Agribusiness and Developing World Food Systems by John Wilkinson
Resistance and Renewal
9. The Battle for Sustainable Agriculture in Paraguay by April Howard
10. Fixing our Global Food System: Food Sovereignty and Redistributive Land Reform by Peter Rosset
11. From Food Crisis to Food Sovereignty: The Challenge of Social Movements by Eric Holt- Gime?nez
12. Do Increased Energy Costs Offer Opportunities for a New Agriculture? by Frederick Kirschenmann
13. Reducing Energy Inputs in the Agricultural Production System by David Pimentel 14. Agroecology, Small Farms, and Food Sovereignty by Miguel A. Altieri
15. The Venezuelan Effort to Build a New Food and Agriculture System by Christina Schiavoni and William Camacaro
16. Can Ecological Agriculture Feed Nine Billion People? by Jules Pretty

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