Fasting for Justice

Balse Bonpane


the wake of a dozen Vigils throughout the United States on January 11, 2000,

Lori Berenson began a hunger fast. This news has been confirmed by the Peruvian

prison authorities and the U.S. Embassy in Peru. This date represents the fourth

anniversary of Lori’s unjust conviction at gunpoint by a hooded military

"judge". Her sentence, life imprisonment. Lori is also protesting the

lack of help from her own government as well as the intransigence of the

Peruvian government.


continue your calls and letters to President Clinton. He has an obligation as

stated in Act of Congress (22 U.S.C., Section 1732) to come to the aid of any

U.S. citizen wrongfully held in a foreign country. Ask the President to demand

her immediate release. Four years is too long. Her health is failing.


members of the Steering Committee of the Committee to Free Lori Berenson, the

Office of the Americas will continue to foster actions nationally for Lori’s



in the Wilderness leader, Kathy Kelly began a month long fast Washington, D.C.

on January 15, the birthday of Martin Luther King and the ninth anniversary of

the beginning of the Gulf War. Crimes are committed every day in our name

against the Iraqi people. Thousands of Iraqi children die every month because of

our embargo. In 1991 a firestorm of bombs and weaponry shattered Iraq to its

core. The civilian infrastructure was targeted including electrical grids and

water sanitation plants. Weapons made with depleted uranium have left a toxic

nuclear legacy for our troops as well as for the Iraqi people. U.S. planes have

bombed Iraq for over nine years making this the longest bombing campaign since

the Vietnam War. Kathy together with Voices in the Wilderness fasters asks you

to contact your congressional representative, to notify your local media and, if

possible to come to Washington, D.C. to visit and lobby lawmakers to end the

crimes against the people of Iraq.





has a population of 39,309,422 people. This is more people than all of Central

America put together. The Colombian people in a plebiscite have declared their

choice for a negotiated solution in their long civil war. The children of

Colombia in an unprecedented plebiscite have demanded a negotiated solution. The

United Nations Office in Bogota has expressed its willingness to act as

mediator. But the dogs of war keep barking from the Pentagon. General Charles

Wilhelm, the head of the U.S. Southern Command is arguing for negotiations from

the "battlefield" in Colombia. His reference to battlefield seems to

be a flashback to the Civil War in the United States. There is no battlefield in

Colombia, just as there was no battlefield in Vietnam. The entire country is in

conflict. The United States is encouraging Colombia’s Air Force to adopt a

policy of shooting down "suspected" drug smuggling aircraft. Such was

the fate of some 2,000,000 "suspected guerrillas" in Vietnam.


the greatest charade of this entire plan for war is the idea that eliminating

the rebels of Colombia will eliminate the drug business. Quite simply, if every

rebel in Colombia were dead today the drug business would still be flourishing.

Is there anyone who does not know that the drug business is connected to the

Colombian government, the Colombian military and paramilitary, as well as to the

U.S. Embassy in Colombia?


time has come to protest Washington’s plans for war in Colombia. The ignorance

and malice, the disrespect for the people of Colombia and the people of the

United States is literally unforgivable. Why will 1.6 billion dollars increase

the flow of drugs? Because the planned aid will provide funds to the Colombian

military which has collaborated with illegal paramilitary forces by forcing

1,000,000 people from their homes. The U.S. aid package will simply enhance the

Colombian military’s capacity for carrying out "dirty work" against

Colombian citizens, including human rights workers, school teachers, union

leaders, journalists, university professors and anyone else who tries to

criticize Colombia’s facade of democracy and its long history of impunity for

those who commit or facilitate the committing of atrocities.


of millions of dollars already wasted by the United States on the Colombian

military to fight the hare brained "war on drugs" have neither slowed

the entry of drugs from Colombia to the United States nor curbed human rights

abuses by the Colombian military. We can expect the 1.6 billion package to

result in more innocent Colombians killed, more military abuses of human rights

and greater paramilitary involvement in massacres and displacement of the

population. Since the security forces are reliably reported to be engaged in

drug trafficking, we can expect the net impact of this "aid" to

increase the flow of drugs from Colombia to the United States.


illegal NATO bombing and destruction of Serbia which the Russians are currently

imitating in Chechnya, included ignoring the international mission of the United

Nations. The mediation of the United Nations in El Salvador and in Guatemala was

received enthusiastically by both countries. Is it too much to ask of the United

States that it conform to international law and foster a United Nations

mediation in Colombia?


opinions on Colombia were confirmed by our personal presence in the war zones of

Uraba in northern Colombia and our interviews with government, military and

opposition leaders.

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