The PARECOMIC kickstarter drive is going pretty well so far, we are bang on target and have passed the $1500 pledged mark already. But if we dont make the FULL target of $8000 in the 60 days time limit then it's all lost (that is kickstarter's rules) – so, Znet folk,  please consider supporting the book. Possibly at the $40 button at least, as thats the level that also gets you the book as one of the 'rewards' for the support – and more if you can.

The money is only a PLEDGE at first, it does not get taken out of your account now, its taken out about 2 or 3 months later, if the total target money is made (and nothing is taken out if the target is not reached). To pledge you just select an amount from the choices on the right side, and it processes it simply via amazon.

Here are some great pages from the book that we recently completed – showing Michael strutting his radical stuff in MIT in the late 60's.

Sean and Carl

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