Z Media Institute 2010

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Z Media Institute 2010

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ZMI 2010 IS BEING HELD from June 6 to June 14. Z Media Institute was started in 1994 by the cofounders of Z Magazine and South End Press to teach radical politics, media, and organizing skills; the principles and practice of creating non-hierarchical institutions and projects; and a special emphasis on vision and strategy for social change. Classes are held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Over 700 students have attended ZMI since 1994, with ages ranging from 16 to 82. To learn more, there is a video introduction to ZMI on our website.

TO APPLY, FILL OUT the application form (also available at www.zcomm.org/zmi/zmi.htm) and mail to ZMI, 18 Millfield Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543; fax 508-457-0626; or email to zmag@zmag.org. The fee is $1,200, which includes room, board, course materials, etc. SPACE IS LIMITED so be sure to send your application by February 12.

POLITICAL COURSES INCLUDE: principles of workplace democracy, foreign policy, ecology, political science, queer theory, women and revolution, labor, race, history, vision and strategy for a participatory society, and more.

MEDIA COURSES INCLUDE: analysis of mainstream media; starting a media project (newspaper, radio, video, magazine, Internet, organizing); challenges of alternative media; media activism; video activism; and more.

SKILLS COURSES INCLUDE: finances, promotion, fundraising, design, production, promotion, editing, facilitating meetings, writing for revolution, research and investigation techniques, political theater workshop, and more.

PAST FACULTY HAVE INCLUDED: Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay, David Barsamian, Chip Berlet, Michael Bronski, Leslie Cagan, Noam Chomsky, Rosa Clemente, Ron Daniels, Brian Dominick, Andy Dunn, Amy Goodman, Andrej Grubacic, Mandisi Majavu, Cynthia Peters, Justin Podur, Charlotte Ryan, Lydia Sargent, Stephen R. Shalom, Chris Spannos, Brian Tokar, and more.

ZMI, 18 Millfield Street, Woods Hole MA 02543; 508-548-9063;
FAX 508-457-0626;
zmag@zmag.org; www.zcomm.org

A printable PDF of the application page is available by clicking here. The text of the application form is also pasted below.

Z Media Institute Application

NOTE: Apply by February 12 as space at ZMI 2010 (June 6-14) is limited to a maximum of 65 students

NAME _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________

CITY __________________________________________________________

STATE/PROV ___________________________________________________

ZIP/PC ________________________ COUNTRY ______________________

PHONE _________________ EMAIL ________________________________

GENDER _________ AGE ______ ETHNIC GROUP ___________________

MAIN INTEREST ________________________________________________

        (print, organizing, culture, politics, audio, video, film, Internet, skills, other)

POLITICAL BACKGROUND _______________________________________


MEDIA BACKGROUND ___________________________________________


SKILLS _________________________________________________________


WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GET OUT OF ZMI? _______________________



The fee for room (two to a room), board, computer use, study materials, and classes is $1,200. There are limited small scholarships. If you need one, please explain, then enter the amount you think you can pay below.



I CAN PAY FULL AMOUNT $________   I CAN PAY $ __________

Send application (do not send money with your application) to ZMI, 18 Millfield Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543; fax: 508-457-0626; email:
zmag@zmag.org; more info available at www.zcomm.org/zmi/zmi.htm.