A Rejoinder to Bury the State’s Blank Check

Prelude to the War of Terror

I fully appreciate the concerns of Mr Engelhardt (Engelhardt: Bury the War State's Blank Check at Sea) and agree with him that the attacks of 9/11 were horrific acts. Obviously, in the eyes of the Americans and their friends world-wide the terrorist plot was the work of al-Qaeda and its ubiquitous leader Osama. Thus the bogey of Osama was transformed into something what to believers may seem to be almost a mysterious ghoulish power! As a result, he could be a serious threat to the Empire and the greatest military power in the whole of recorded history. It was as if the fate of God’s own country was at stake! We all prayed for the safety of America.

The strange thing is that not long ago Osama was a CIA functionary who was trained and equipped to advance American military objectives in Afghanistan against the Soviet military involvement. After the Soviet withdrawal the Osama-CIA liaison came to an end. Now he had turned against his former mentors. After 9/11 the US presented itself almost in the Kafkaesque fashion as a weak beetle that could be crushed by the Great Threat! Even though Osama as a hireling had learnt much from his CIA bosses, he surreptitiously may have kept some of his secrets close to his chest. Who knows, as an Arab he might have used some mystical incantations to get the fabled Lamp of Aladdin. Just by rubbing his lamp, he could have the jinni standing in front of him to perform the impossible tasks and also to make himself invisible. The Empire was helpless and the jinni was on the rampage!!

But in a famous documentary film, Loose Change 9/11, produced in 2006, challenged the official explanation of the attacks of September 11, 2001. It also aroused a great deal of controversy; it had its supporters and opponents.

Since I am not an expert on the technical details of the attacks which the U.S. authorities offered or the views of those who contradict or refute the official version as in this film, I refrain from passing any final word on the issues involved. However, I try to find more about the events and will continue to do so because this tragic date became the sign-post, which was used by the Bush-Cheney administration to start and justify their wars of aggression and global terror that resulted in the occupation and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, the deaths of more than a million people and the uprooting and destitution of countless millions of people. The present U.S. administration under President Obama has not only continued the wars of aggression of his predecessor but also extended them to other countries and areas by using advanced technologies and weapons to kill and destroy with impunity and without any accountability for his actions to anyone in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

No matter who were the actual criminals or conspirators who committed the crimes on 9/11 that resulted in the deaths of 2749 Americans, one thing is absolutely clear that the people of Iraq and its ruler Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the 9/11. The people or the rulers of Afghanistan or Pakistan were not involved in this crime either. Even if any individual from Afghanistan or Pakistan may have been involved in this crime in some way or the other that should have been the act of an individual. The people of Afghanistan or Pakistan had no part in such a crime, but they are still being killed by the U.S-led NATO forces and American drone attacks.

I assume it is only fair that  viewers should have a chance to see the whole film open-mindedly, without any  mental inhibitions.  Whether they  agree with every single detail of the happenings or  not is for each individual to discuss and decide after a critical scrutiny of the  well-known  story. But there is no doubt that some  viewers will have some questions about the main course and the details of the  events. Those who are interested in finding the facts will have to do some research themselves to find the  answers to such questions. No doubt, the matter is complicated and it is not easy to disentangle the facts from the legends. Consequently, there lies the challenge to those who aspire to find the truth about the 9/11. 


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