Boosting Our Standing an Everyday Task

 (…)"Mainly, we need thousands to do this [support] … 2. If you are not a Sustainer, and there are hundreds of thousands of ZCom users for whom this is true.(…)"


We all, associated with Z Communication are in it , the management who struggles with keeping up the niche, the volunteers, the crowd of members and sustainers and frequent readers. 

The effort to bring people to participate in the endeavor under the umbrella of Z-Space is by far the best one. As of now the site has more character in it than Facebook  and My Space put together. From my experience as a (sorry, not young) newcomer , the Michael’s tape from  Finland address did it. People look for authenticity, to hear and be heard – how many other places have it offered? As far as my guess on peoples’ motivation to reach out is to brake the commentary cycle dominating internet and pull something realistic about shaping our public life. And the big numbers of casual ZCom users may have not seen the best stuff yet needed to jump in. Well, we all are believes and know thing will go right.  

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