‘Brown, Bearded, Son of Immigrants, Voted Trump’

That’s how reader Ray describes himself in the subject line of the note he sent to hello@. The question he closes with is the most compelling: Should you take a gamble with a volatile candidate or one who’s predictably corrupt?

Here’s Ray:

I grew up on the West Coast, raised by Indian immigrants, went to a liberal university, and voted liberally on most stances until this election. I am currently working on a post-baccalaureate professional degree, so I am not uneducated. My vote for Trump is a protest vote—a protest that Sanders couldn’t provide.

I’m tired of our country being whored out to the highest bidder.

I’m tired of people coming into this country illegally, taking away the justice due to those who have waited in line for years to get into this great country.

I’m tired of politics as usual. I’m tired of micro-aggressions, safe spaces, and the general retreat on being confronted with opposing views.

I’m tired of the sense of entitlement present in many of my peers.

I’m tired of pretending that the U.S. is hunky-dory while seeing my friends sipping their mochas in LA, SF, and NYC, ignoring the plight of the “flyover” states.

I’m tired of accepting that U.S. politics is an inevitable palace of corruption, with trim made of corporate donations, a carpet of immunity, and a chandelier of complacency.

I’m tired of accepting politics as the broken system we see today.

As of very recently, I’m tired of liberal-minded individuals grouping Trump supporters as ignorant, racist, and/or sexist. I was one of those people casting the judgement before the campaigns began. However, after having changed my opinion—contrary to late night shows and other self-congratulatory political comedy—now I’m just uninformed and racist. When I was trying to spread the Wikileaks revelations about the corruption of Clinton, I was wearing a tinfoil hat and was “unrealistic” about the nature of politics. The cognitive dissonance of former Sanders supporters was so strong it just about knocked me off my chair.


  1. doroteo arango December 15, 2016 10:21 am 

    Me? I’m tired of the more privileged …go to the head of the line legal immigrants… dissing the poor from other countries who are fleeing the chaos that American foreign policy has created in their homelands.

    ‘I’m tired of people coming into this country illegally, taking away the justice due to those who have waited in line for years to get into this great country.’

    You and others like Michelle Malkin, Ted Cruz, Mario Rubio, and other of this ilk turn my stomach. You are people who come in on the coattails of the US military, the Right Winger churches, and MONEY.

    When I was younger I had the experience of flying back from the genocidal country of Guatemala to Houston sitting close by the leaders of the death squads there, who was waited on as if he were royalty. He was ‘legal’. Meanwhile other Guatemalans get treated as if they were stray dogs! Immigrants who are ‘legal’ like this guy ‘Ray’ disgust me. They are privileged jerks.

  2. John Goodrich November 13, 2016 4:04 pm 

    There are far too many errors of fact and far too much hyperbole in this piece to either attempt to debate the author or to take the article seriously .

    In this , it is highly representative of the mindset that accepts comforting bullshit rather than deal with a more factual reality .

    His expressed love of the corporate media explains where he gets his thinking although he failed to mention his obvious addiction to Faux News-type sources that are parroted in his pieces.

    Going to the proto-fascist right will change things how ?
    WE will get the government HE deserves with his sophomoric, tin-foil hat thinking .


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