Corona: Universal Dictator

Corona is a dictator

With global dominance;

What man may speak of anything but

Its universal preponderance.


The Neros, Hitlers, Stalins

They were but limited ghouls;

Corona’s colossal nothingness

All states and nations rules.


Is there a something from whose womb

This nothingness has birth?

Is nothingness an idea

Destined to suck in the earth?


Recall what the Bard once quilled–

“nothing is but what is not”;

So, how do our arsenals defeat

What is not even a dot?


I wonder what Corona feels,

And whether it has a brain;

Does it smile when mighty ones

Fall to its invisible reign?


Is Corona the Nirvana

Of which the wise one hinted?

Come, Corona, talk to us

That the dollar has demented.

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