Deadly Democracies

Welcome to the twenty-first century of great inventions, video games, UFOs, cell phones, twitters, email, fmail, gmail, guided missiles, small-scale nuclear weapons, indefinite search for weapons of mass destructions, deadly market earth-quakes, slow and gradual take over of the green parts of the planet by gigantic collapsing financial monpolies.

These giant monopolies are like dead ghosts, they sometimes have died many times in many countries during those major market earth-quakes, mutated with many others, only to resurface like the holy ghost, sometimes re-christened to take new spiritual form, with its new set of guardian angels.

The giant democracies of the world are deadly things that will send missiles, tanks, and deadly weapons of mass destruction to other non-democratic countries, to divide them on ethinic, religious, caste and sex, and shove democracy down their backside. Carpet bomb them if they are not willing to show their back.

Non-democratic places around the world, full of people walking on bare feet, in flesh and blood are a great threat to giant democracies around the world as they are capable of taking a single bomb, tie it to their waist and deposit themselves at a corporate building or five-star hotels, where a Director, President, Vice-President, CEO, CIO or CTO accidently may be present. So, these giant democracies are forming armies to protect these global companies from their local flesh and blood.

Terorrists everywhere, in flesh and blood, are great obstacle to the progress of the human race as they protest, walking on bare feet, againt the take over of their land by mining companies. These unholy scum of the earth, with such filthy names as Green Tigers, Taliban, Maoists, People’s War, are preventing the giant democracies from becoming super-democracies and the giant corporates from becoming gigantic corporates, thus preventing great progress of the human race.

Media angels and hollywood script writers have been portraying the great progress made by these companies in technology, with few side effects, such as bombing schools, hospitals, marriage ceromonies, cluster bombing entire village, all in the true spirit of the game of democracy.

As people are turned into alienated, insecure, mechanical worker, by these monopolies, they fall prey to newer consumer goods, ePhone, fPhone, gPhone, hPhone, iPhone, their new found gods. Miracles of the internet, communication age, new post-modern gods, deadlier than the previous gods, age of the miracles has truely arrived, Jesus is about to arrive, as we all wait for that great event unfolding before us.

Nostradamus was wrong when he warned us of the great calamity unfolding before us and the end of the earth as he saw it. The earth is turning in to a true paradise where there are only plunderers and consumers, with truely automated production process, so there is little or no producer worth talking about (rumour is that all production is taking place in some far away planet where there is no democracy), that’s true paradise Jesus and us, we are all working towards, beautiful golf courses, rivers of wine, sublime beauties selling brands of soap in zPhone, and zTV.


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