Escaping Human Ego for Exercising Freedoms

Escaping Human Ego for Exercising Freedoms



Freedom is an act of thinking, communicating and doing things freely. It is also a way of reasoning what individuals and communities ought to do and not to do. It is a way of exercising inner values and wisdom than putting on the rhetoric of books for the wellbeing of individuals and communities.  Academia provides less freedom as they are bounded into the narrow ties with specific rules and regulations as compared to our inner knowledge that comes from self, which is universal and self expanding.

Human beings are special and different from other species in this planet. They perform a kind of activity that no other species perform. In this sense, they are free as they make choices which derive in significant measure from the person himself or herself. Thus human beings are said to be rational and they are not merely sensors of the world around them. But they are knower, judgers, creators, and communicators. They do not just react to stimuli; they put information together to form generalized truth about the world. They are also able to reshape the world and to share their experiences of the world with one another in language, symbol and culture. Again, human beings are special among the beings in the planet and thus they should be treated specially as the originators of the understandings, and the shapers of the world around them. 

Nevertheless, the history and experiences have indicated that the choices and the reasoning of human beings are not universal. They slip in making genuine choices and even lost the capacity to reason for number of reasons. For instance, had George W. Bush stopped sending military in Iraq, if he was not ambitioned to hang Sraddam to prove his unworthiness of being a regime? There would have been numerous solutions to free out Iraq rather than taking out the lives of many. And yet, Bush is a democratic leader fighting for freedom of the people around the world.

This is a tiny example to indicate the people being irrational for their excessive power and the people with their real intellects can be void.  But there are millions of cases in every day world, how human can take a wrong path and be irrational just to protect their sense of superiority while undermining the suffering of their fellow humans. They would not hesitate to be immoral and unethical to justify their own fellow humans’ unworthiness to live their dignified lives.

In this age of freedom, human beings often overwhelmed with paper knowledge, compete with each other to prove their best knowledge in the knowledge market. However, they often forget and even ignore their “very own” and “inner” knowledge that is spiritual and enlightening, and are the real freedom, which works in relation to fellow humans. That is the true knowledge which is urgently required in this speedy breaking world to bring the natural harmony and peace.

Freedom is not only about freeing self but in relation to other humans. Theories and principles should be residual for academia, unless they work what they are meant for, and for exercising the freedoms for all human beings.  






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