I Have a Problem With My Favorite Son

I have a problem with my favorite son that I can’t ignore anymore.

He was a weak kid growing up and maybe I spoiled little Israel a little too much. But he is a big strong adult now, and I fear he has become a terrible bully himself. At least, that is what all the neighbors say.

I don’t want to hear what he has done, and just hold my ears when they start telling me about his taking things that aren’t his. How could he treat other people that way?

I am always in court, using my influence to protect him from resolutions against his various crimes. And I admit, I still give him money: three to five billion a year, more than I give anyone else. And he spends it all on weapons and building houses on other people’s property. What’s a parent to do?

It is his Uncle Schumer’s fault, with his gang of Wall Street thieves and weapons selling goons. Israel has simply taken up with the wrong crowd; he is becoming just like them.

I admit I am in denial and have become part of the problem. I believe all his lies about "self defense," even though no one else does. I know that tough love is the only right thing to do. I know because it worked before with another son who was going down the wrong path. I am so proud of him now, my South Africa. Maybe there is hope for his brother.

Fred Nagel
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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