I Tried to Make Claims About Election Fraud So Preposterous Trump Fans Wouldn’t Believe Me

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Source: The Intercept

The most beautiful and most terrifying Twitter experience of my life — one that made me laugh so hard I got hiccups, while also convincing me that humans are destined to obliterate themselves — began with several small jokes like this a few days before the 2016 election:

It ended this past week with an unhealthy 84-tweet long thread by me and a quote tweet by Gen. Michael Flynn’s brother Joseph, informing his 400,000 Twitter followers of my malfeasance:

Everything in between happened because the right wing has a problem: They know that the 2020 election was stolen but, despite their mighty efforts, have failed to uncover any evidence for this. Granted, this isn’t a huge problem for them, since they care about evidence about as much as the Dalai Lama cares about getting on Bumble.

Still, they’ve been experiencing some modest cognitive dissonance that they’d prefer to resolve. The ideal solution would be a member of the hated mainstream media openly confessing that he and his colleagues don’t just put their thumb on the scales during their day jobs but are also so committed to cheating that they moonlight to do it directly. My 2016 tweets were that solution.

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