Interfere and Put an End to Our Human Suffering

Urgent appeal

Since the beginning of the last invasion of Nablus the city has been subjected to different kinds of collective punishment by the Israeli military forces. One of these measures was occupying several buildings in the city and suburbs and transforming them into permanent military positions for the armored units occupying the city. During the last invasion of Nablus the Israeli Army has occupied dozens of buildings. All of these building are resided by families, more than 80 families with more than 300 residents including not less than 100 children are living in those buildings.

One of these buildings is the Al Dabeik building in which eight families are residing; members of these families exceeds 39 people amongst them many children under 12 years old. Some of the residents of this building are sick people who are in need for regular medical care and treatment.

We, the residents of this building, have been confined in our apartments for more than 60 days. The army unit who has occupied the building has ordered us to hand over the keys for our apartments to them; this means that we are being locked inside our own houses. We believe that this kind of action by the army means only one thing which is “ Sentencing us to imprisonment without any charges or without any guilt on our part except being residents of this town”.

Moreover, the army has positioned a permanent unit on top of the building with heavy machineguns, which usually starts to shoot randomly at different objects all night. Besides the movement of the soldiers and tanks from and to the building almost all day and night.

This has led to a very serious situation in which children can not sleep at night and through which children under the age of 12 started to suffer from signs of psychological distress including nocturnal urination, insomnia, and panic attacks.  There are as well people who have serious illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases those patients are in need for regular medical care however they are deprived from it.

After sixty-five days of this nightmare we the residents of this building urge all humanitarian agencies, all organizations working in the field of human rights to immediately interfere and put an end to our human suffering.

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