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Just Another Heads-Up: Be on the look out for a critical rejoinder from Prof. Noam Chomsky — assuming he decides it worth his time and energies —  to "An Open Letter to Professor Noam Chomsky: What 'Gaza Under Assault' Got Wrong" authored by Bianca Ambrosio. 

(The New York Times Syndicate distributed Chomsky's op-ed, "Gaza Under Assault".  In addition to the publication at In These Times, the article appeared on other online news and analysis websites.  See here, here, here and here. Note: The piece in question appeared at the latter link on 1 December 2012.)

In her post Ambrosio purports to point out "at least one serious fallacy" in the "Gaza Under Assault" article authored by Chomsky that was published by In These Times on Dec. 25.  The "serious fallacy" adduced by Ambrosio refers to a statement Chomsky made that contains the words "after informing the Security Council".  Ambrosio then cites Article 51 of the UN Charter that suggests alerting the Security Council prior to acting in "self-defense" following an armed attack is not required.  Putting aside the obvious issue of whether Israel's recent attack on Gaza constitutes such "self-defence" as defined in the Charter, the preciseness of wording, while important, remains a somewhat trivial note in the larger context. 

Chomsky may or may not respond to Ambrosio's letter.  The "one serious fallacy" appears to be at best an issue of semantics that has little bearing on Chomsky's analysis of actual events that transpired before, during and after Israel launched Operation Pillar of defense on November 14.  As best I can discern, the rest of Chomsky's historical contextualization was not seriously repudiated by anything Ambrosio wrote.  Many of the individuals who commented on her open letter at In These Times share that view, and several provide links to official U.N. texts corroborating Chomsky's main points while raising doubts about Ambrosio's claims.

There remains a distinct possibility Chomsky will simply dismiss Ambrosio's criticism(s) as a minor correction buttressed by otherwise diversionary — or less-than germane — commentary tacitly trying to discredit his own legitimate and empirically verified criticisms of Israeli state aggression.

"Just Another Heads-Up": For a few more comments along with other Chomsky-related analyses check out the accompanying podcast.   The podcast is in three parts and can be accessed at the three links below.

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"Just Another Heads-Up": Chomsky has responded to Ambrosio's open letter.  Prof. Chomsky's response can be accessed here.

"Just Another Heads-Up":  None of those links to the original podcast work.  (I'm not entirely sure why, but it's probably for the best, given the sniffle-laden verbosity of the first three-part podcast.  But, "Just Another Heads-Up": A new and improved podcast is now available.  It can be accessed via the links below.

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