Million American March Against Fear: Is America God-Fearing or Muslim Hating?

Million American March Against Fear: Is America God-Fearing or Muslim Hating?

Jonathan Doria
12 September 2013

Yesterday I was in D.C. for the “Million American March Against Fear” (MAMAF). We rallied on the Mall, marched and congregated across the Capital, and continued our march to the White House. While small in number, there was some 50 of us, we were courageous in spirit. Arguably more courageous than the bikers, filled with hate disguised in honor and fear disguised in courage, that stalked us throughout our peaceful march. More courageous than the fundamentalist “Christians” who stalked us on foot in like manner, damning us to Hell (sinisterly ironic, given the Anti-Christ global system helmed by the United States, and which might terrifyingly ultimately mean, the destruction of the United States). They dared to evoke the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, while orally condemning us to the same realm their hate originates from.

Maybe the bikers outnumbered us, assuming we were 50 deep, I don’t know, maybe some 20 to one, maybe the Military-Police-Intelligence-Surveillance Orwellian State (the Metropolitan Police, Park Police, Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service (SS), and so on) overtly outnumbered us, I don’t know, some 7 to one (though remarkably I felt more threatened by the vicious and arrogantly ignorant invectives of the vehement vultures that surrounded us then by Big Abusive Brother, more sinister irony) though our message was one of truth, justice, and peace, not of jingoistic “remembrance” of the official "narrative".  Indeed, we will always remember 911, was an Inside Job at worst, and at best, was allowed to happen by the globalist cabal that runs the planet like an orgy of death and horror. This is a distinction of little differential. The evidence has mounted over the years, and the official track record of the criminalities and horrific immoralities of the United States speak volumes more than the mostly privileged white men of working and middle class status who seem incapable or unwilling of critical thinking and basic tenants of moral truisms, that paraded around on their motors, stalking us while we peacefully marched along our permitted route, not that freedom of assembly and expression requires a permit by the very authority structure of virtually absolute corruption we are protesting. Perhaps some more irony, namely that the “2 Million Bikers” were not awarded a permit to drive their procession unhindered by simple traffic laws; a feast made for the appetite of a commercial media that craves any sensational script that best fits into the mass propaganda (I.e. mind control) model.  

According to Foreign Policy (FP), in the past 30 years, 288,000 Muslims were killed, or rather, murdered, by the United States, and 10,325 non-Muslim citizens/personnel of the U.S. were killed by non-U.S. Muslims, namely because they were drawn into violence by a global hegemonic aggressor in the first place. In fact, the heavily conservative estimate of nearly 300,000 non-U.S. Muslims killed in the past generation by the U.S. is likely a huge underestimate. In contrast, the number of dead non-Muslim Americans tallied is probably close to exact; notwithstanding that those ultimately responsible for 9/11 were arguably non-Muslim. And incidentally, you simply do not get any more Establishmentarian (“Nationalistic”) than FP. Not to even mention the millions of non-Muslims murdered by the U.S. in the past 30 years.

It is not Muslims that are responsible for creating an estimated 20 million victims of incestuous relations with parents in the U.S. alone. It is not Muslims responsible for some 1 out of 4 women in the U.S. enduring rape in their lifetime. It is not Muslims who are responsible for imprisoning more of their own people than the entire rest of the world, most inmates being young peoples of color incarcerated for nonviolent offenses. It is not Muslims who declare a war on drugs while simultaneously trafficking narcotics into impoverished ghetto communities of the poor, then killing and rounding up large segments of those communities’ population all because of offenses pertaining to cocaine or heroin and other illicit narcotics and associated dealings. It is not Muslims who cause millions of their children to develop severe mental afflictions, diagnosing them as such, then drugging them with pharmaceuticals. The same might be said of overall health. It is not Muslims who chemically spray the skies, poison the water, and pollute the food with GMO’s and known toxins. It is not Muslims who occupy the world in a monopoly of the petroleum-dollar, who enforce and regulate a global slave trade for command and control market economies for cheap disposable goods and technologies for the most brainwashed population that ever existed. Problem, reaction solution, is the insidious model which generates obscene amounts of wealth for behemoth conglomerated corporations and industries and the elites that sit perched on top of the world like guardians and gargoyles of pure evil.

It was not Muslims who committed the international war crime(s) of invading a sovereign country, which presently produces 90% of the world’s poppy crop; it was U.S. Marines in those photographs guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. It is not Muslims who spend more of their people’s wealth on war, terrorism, genocide, slavery, spying, drugs, and domination, than the rest of the world. It was not Muslims who committed genocide against the original inhabitants of Turtle Island, the “Americas”. It was not Muslims who rendition(ed) and eliminated entire cultures from the African continent and enslaved millions of peoples of colors on another continent where the designed depopulation of the original inhabitants reached the margins of totality. It was not Muslims who fought a bloody Civil War to keep such an evil institution of slavery from being abolished. It is not Muslims who dress up in garb worn by soldiers 150 years ago and reenact a bloody Civil War that took the lives of some 600,000 souls as a hobby and pastime of jingoistic “remembrance”. It was not Muslims who developed Atomic Weaponry and dropped two Atomic bombs on two Japanese cities obliterating hundreds of thousands of souls. It was not Muslims who murdered some 3 million Vietnamese souls during the Vietnam War. It was not Muslims that decided the price for the deaths of some 500,000 Iraqi children caused by sanctions was “worth it.” It was Madeline Albright. It was not Muslims that received a substantial payoff from Raytheon, one of the worlds largest “defense” contractors, than rattled the saber for missile strikes, the same missiles that Raytheon is contracted to produce for the U.S., to attack yet another country, already in a conflagrated Civil War that was heavily instigated 2 years ago by the U.S. and has been incited by proxy in the interim, namely Syria, that has cost some 100,000 Syrian souls. It was, John Kerry. And on, and on ad nausea. It is not the Blacks, African-Americans, the American Indians, the Mexicans, Latinos, the Chinese, the Asians, the Gypsies, the Homeless, the Palestinians, the Jews, the Atheists, the Christians, the Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians, Transgender, Women, the Youth, the Fat, the Old, the Poor, and so on and on.

It’s the world’s villains, the wealthiest, most powerful, most dangerous criminals, terrorists, and war and death-mongers and profiteers that ever reigned.  It's the Illuminati, the hidden Satanic societies of the "New" World Order (NWO), the powers of which vie in virtually every institutional structure of the hegemonic global matrix-system-culture. And indeed, it’s you, and me. Look in a mirror. What do you see? A superior being with an identity of cultural identifying supremacy? And how did you come across this identity? Was it purchased? Were you contracted and raised into it? Is it adopted? Reinvented through commoditized lifestyles and illusory societal experiences? Was it forced upon you? Are you happy to hate and dedicate yourself to evil?  

I don’t know, when I look in the mirror, I see an entire generation with the lack of a genuine identity, morally impoverished. You know what I hear when I look in the mirror? A collective hive, dictating disdainfully how they are all knowing, and how I know nothing. How they are all significant and how I am expendable and at the whims of their dictates. How they are narcissistically right about everything, and how I am sinfully wrong about everything. Such is not reality, such is a nightmarish, programmed slumber. And awareness, is the most important first step towards selflessness, towards individualism, towards identity, towards solidarity, towards sanity, towards morality, towards freedom, and daresay, towards actual, genuine, unconditional love.   

I am not a Muslim. Not that that qualifying remark qualifies or means anything. I am a son of GOD first, a human being second, and an American by birth. And I am gravely ashamed, and so it shall be until I die. Not that it even matters what or who I am, as defined by self or other. The institution of religion, like the institution of polity, like the institution of class, like every institution interlocked in the corporate-tyrannical global system, is merely a ligament of divide and conquest. Of dehumanization and enslavement. Of eugenics and genocide.

United you stand, on a mountain of skull and bones, swimming in a cesspool of blood, guts, and bits of flesh while you champion your football teams latest win or sulk in their latest loss. While you carry on the incessant gossip of mind controlled celebrities, a form of mind control (one of numerous) for you yourself. We will not be silenced, you cannot intimidate us or drown us out in the revving of your polluted noise. The ghostly victims of this supremacist culture, this supremacist way of anti-life, cry. And we with a heavy heart open to truth, justice, and love, we mourn. Not because life is not meant to be celebrated, but because dominate culture is anti-life and prioritizes the celebration and ritualistic worship of slavery, torture, and death. There is no commercially available product to deliver us through the stages of such profound grief. There is no salvation in the ideological, organized, institutional, instructional, inculcated deception of salvation. There is a Faith, a Faith that transcends religion, the bible, politics, government, business, culture, the collective, language, and any and all assigned or self-ascribed intermediaries of the aforementioned. A Faith that perhaps transcends rationality and emotion. A Faith predicated on the virtuous quality of the content of the character, not on the judgment of arbitrary distinctions of acculturated subjectivity. There is no virtue in the death kneel that is this dominant culture; for it is drunk on the evil it is predicated upon. The only redeeming quality, is that some are courageous enough to stand up and resist the system that increasingly revolts against all that is truly pure good of humans and life generally.  

Yesterday, I did celebrate. I celebrated truth, peace, love, and life. I celebrated a life this culture is antithetical to. I celebrated the fearless courage of a few in the face of the many ridden with abject fear and hatred. And I mourned. I mourned for all the victims of the "War on Terror", namely, the war of terror, produced and performed by a culture hell-bent on abominations and destruction. I may not always wear black, but I will always mourn the victims and survivors of the insidiousness unleashed by those that worship, champion, and exact pure evil, until the moment of my death.  

I would much rather be one, standing sober in goodness, against 1 million that worship the wretched and be deemed an “epic fail” by them, then surrender over to and embrace infidelity of consciousness and morality of spirit by vainly vying to fit in with such a treacherous hive, in an obscene attempt to sate the fear (terror) they induce and constantly exact. To think, speak and act in resistance, in small and greater ways, in uncertain and certain terms, in solidarity of opposition to the tyrannical oppression and counterfeit judgment of the System which craftily disguises war as peace, injustice as justice, slavery as freedom, evil as love, is to be awake, is to be aware, is to be alive. Every second of every moment of every day is appropriate to be awake, aware, and alive. To proclaim otherwise is sheer folly and is entirely inconsiderate and revolting to the basic underpinnings of what makes us human. 

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