New Hampshire’s Democratic Senators Quietly Resist Minimum Wage Hike

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Source: The Intercept

A week and a half after the Senate rejected an effort by Vermont independent Bernie Sanders to attach a minimum wage increase to a coronavirus relief package, his neighboring Democratic senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, gathered with constituents for a teleconference.

The New Hampshire senators were joined on the March 15 call by Tom Boucher, who was recently appointed to the board of the National Restaurant Association, known in Washington as “the other NRA.” Boucher also serves as a trustee on the association’s Education Foundation and is CEO of Great NH Restaurants, Inc. Boucher laid out for the senators just how perilous the past pandemic year had been for the restaurant industry and profusely thanked them for their help in thwarting the minimum wage increase, telling them they had prevented countless restaurants from closing down.

Democratic state Rep. Maria Perez said that, during the call, she was stunned by how similar Boucher’s rhetoric sounded to that of the senators and that she had heard the same arguments coming from their staff when she had lobbied them to support a wage increase. “The language that I heard from the senators is the same language I heard from the Restaurant Association,” Perez said.

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