On Tamil Brahmins of India

The minuscule-minority Tamil brahmins (TAM-Brahms) superiority has been challenged in an idealogical way by Tamils in South India and elsewhere by other lower-caste parties by political movements that end-up as political parties in the electoral process. These parties have also challenged the Hitler's Aryan superiority theory in a way.

To say that TAM-Brahms are being prosecuted in Tamil Nadu is carrying it too far. In fact, because of their erudition and literacy they carry a disproportionately superior control over the state apparatus. One of the TAM-Brahm S.V.Sekar has asked for reservation of TAM-Brahms according to their percentage in the population. I welcome that… TAM-Brahms must be asked to serve in cleaning rubbish in the streets and in labor-intensive jobs and a percentage must be reserved for them in these jobs. In places like Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management, their numbers must be scaled back to their percentage.

It may be that TAM-Brahms feel more comfortable with North-Indians as they identify with them more but I doubt they will be respected there at all. In fact, despite the fact they are highly educated intelligent people in Delhi, the way the TAM-Brahms are depicted in Bollywood is despicable. Like me, the TAM-Brahms should marry outside their caste and work towards the removal of caste system from India like Japan did a century back. They should use their erudition and knowledge towards the development of lower castes and women in India which will eventually benefit them, India and the people of the world.

To blame all the ills of capitalism on the lower castes and smaller sub-division of the states is a stupid argument as even the U.S. economy is in shambles with trillions of dollars of deficit. Corruption is rampant in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and in these countries DMK or some other lower-caste party is not ruling. Almost the entire Japanese parliament is under some corruption charge or other. The nuclear accident in Japan happened because of rampant corruption in safety procedures at the Tokyo Electric Company.

Decentralization is part of the democratization process. In the capitalist system, decentralization means decentralization of corruption, as corruption is the oil that runs these economies. Corruption can only be decreased by reducing concentration of power. The U.S. debacle is happening because there is too much power vested in the president which allows him to go on new wars with other countries reducing the economy to shambles. If the president's power was decentralized then there is less chance for war and corruption. Many people feel that during Kargil war there was kick-backs involving coffins but actually buying coffins from abroad itself is corruption of highest order. The fact that Rajiv Gandhi got kick backs on Bofors gun is not the serious crime but the fact that after more than 50 years after independence we buy cannons from abroad is itself corruption of highest order. Even Babar and Tippu Sultan had their own cannons.

Instead of supporting foreigners in India as if TAM-Brahms are foreigners, they should help India and the poor Indians fight the modern neo-colonialism. To brand TAM-Brahms as non-Tamils and as foreigners is also wrong as most of the humans in India settled from Africa, only some came earlier and others later. Contribution of TAM-Brahms to the Tamil society has been important, especially their ideology of the prohibition of marriage between close blood related relatives and other such cultural updates. However, recently they as a class have been behaving typically like other ruling class elsewhere who prevent further progress in democracy in India.

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