Queer Liberation NOT Rainbow Capitalism

24 hours from now thousands of people will be gathering for the Queer Liberation March, the alternative to the Heritage of Pride/World Pride Parade. I’ll be there – will you join?

We will take to the streets to honor those who were part of the Stonewall Rebellion 50 years ago. Tomorrow, we will demand an end to the ongoing and often deadly assaults on our communities, and we welcome the participation of everyone!  If you are queer (however you define that) then this march is for you. If you have had it with the assaults on so many communities, the attacks on the hard-won gains of social movements over many decades, the threats of war and the undermining of democracy then this march is for you.
A few specifics about tomorrow’s Queer Liberation March
  • Bring water, sunscreen and a hat!

  • The march from Sheridan Square will step off at 9:30 am, so plan to be there earlier. Assemble on 7th Ave. South of Grove St. Enter from the south and walk up 7th Ave, or from the east and west on any side street below Grove. Remember: the subways are not reliable on Sundays!
  • We will stop at Bryant Park to pick up people who want to join the march there at 11 am. You can start the march from Bryant Park!
  • There will be two moments of silence: one at 11 am and one at 2 pm. We ask everyone, regardless of where you are at those times, to stand silently as we remember those we’ve lost.
  • We have a dynamic rally planned that will start at 1 pm. If you cannot march, go to the Great Lawn in Central Park anytime after 12 noon. There will be amazing art installations on the great lawn.
  • Visit our website for the details of the march and rally…there’s lots of important information there.

Still time to get the word out
  • Email everyone you know – send this message or write your own.
  • Use all of your social media platforms to get the word out! On the bottom of every page on our website are links to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube platforms. Share them widely!
  • Call ten friends and ask them to call ten more.
  • Call a media outlet – NY1, The NY Times, your favorite radio station, any outlet – and urge them to let people know about our march.
What we do today can make a world of difference tomorrow. Help make history.
See you in the streets,

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