The Modern Adventures of the Indian State

The Indian state was a small expansionist empire which opposed bigger sized imperialist like the United States. It also formed the Non-aligned movement as a counter power structure to the two big imperialists, USSR and the USA. With the break down of USSR, the astute Indian statesman Pranab Mukherjee pinoneered the modern adventures of fhe Indian State with Reaganomics. It was by no accident that all the leaders of the non-aligned movement were suddenly assasinated, including Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi etc. This was followed up in the next few decades by the cautious Narasimha Rao and Sonia Gandhi, who wanted to ensure that she and her family is alive rather than die for a cause. Taking the extreme step of pacifying World Bank by appointing Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India, along with Pananb Mukherjee and P. Chidambaram, they ensured that the modern transition of India from a Socialist state to Neo-Colonialism happens smoothly. However, it is some of the vestiges of the old socialist framework that has ensured that Indian economy doesn’t collpase like US and European economies during a market earth-quake.

Like Hitler, most nation states have a core identity that stems from its Male chauvinist cow-belt Aryan identity, which in the case of India, is a Haryani-UP feudal identity. Recently few Khap Panchayats in Haryana decided to bring Taliban syle amendments to the Indian constitution. Rahul Gandhi will mold himself into this identity and soon enough will be claiming the throne from Manmohan Singh, who is at present a care taker Prime Minister for the Gandhi dynasty. But make no mistake Manmohan Singh is no scheming vazir of Alauddin kind although he looks quite like it; looks can be very deceptive and one should not come to trivial conclusions.

As the Indian state decides to battle the Indian people through carot and stick policy, they work towards the long term goal of phasing out the old socialistic infrastructure like subsidies to the farmers, instead they will be introducing food coupons, so that all that money also circulates into the share market. Getting rid of givernment infrastructure will happen steadily:

  1. Get rid of food distribution network like the food corporation of India
  2. Get rid of government municipal services like waste disposal
  3. Get rid of government hospitals
  4. Get rid of government schools and colleges.

This will be done in slow and steady manner:

  1. Introduce food coupons – people now have the right to choice what they buy – since the situation is so bad, he or she may decide to buy himself a drink – to enable that, first alcohol has to be added to the food category, which the government has already done.
  2. Slowly introduce private players into the municipality so that the government municipailty can be decimated.
  3. Declare that government will pay for all medical expenses, so you have the right to choose whatever hospital of your choice. Of course now you don’t have funding for goverment hospitals, so they will wound down slowly once poor people get used to these expensive private hospitals and there is no commotion. There will great demand for herbal and ayurvedic treatments. Of course there will be pressure to ban these local medical traditions as being unscientific and quakery.
  4. First bring some uniformity in fees structure in private schools and colleges – this will ensure that people get used to these expensive schools and coleges. Private schools that have a short fall in their cleverly crafted accounts will be compensated by the government for the great service they provide the nation by reducing their enormous fees. As a collateral damage government will have no funding for opening government owned schools.

More importantly share market people like Reliance will also be now eyeing seriously at these lucrative commercial enterprises such as Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, although at present they are not yet as lucrative as Oil or Mineral. This could create a boom in the Indian market but people of India will be slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss of illiteracy and ill health. Neither CPI, CPI(M), nor the Maoists have been able to influence the direction Indian government has taken in any of the above mentioned issues, so huge tragedies are in store for the Indian people as they are pushed deeper and deeper into the abyss.Clever ways of presenting accounts and statistics will be used to show that India is shining and developing rapidly towards 30th century.


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