When Facts Don’t Matter

You know the drill by now with your dodgy right-wing Republican neighbor, colleague, co-worker, sibling, uncle, or cousin who says nice things about Glenn Beck and “the Tea Party” and who can’t stop spouting off about that great left wing radical Barack Obama and how he’s “ruining the country with socialism.”  He believes and often boldly states all or some of the following things, most of which he has picked up from right wing media outlets like Fox News and talk radio:


* The (in fact militantly corporatist and military-imperialist Democratic Party) poses a radical Left threat to the capitalist system and the U.S. military.


* Barack Obama (not born in the United States) is a left Marxist and an ally of  radical Islam


* Barack Obama took over the auto, financial, and health care industries, putting them under the direction of socialistic big-government power.


* The Federal Reserve and numerous other top federal agencies pose imminent “socialist” threats to democracy.


* The corporate media work for and are run by extreme liberals and leftists who loathe the nation’s conservatives and democratic values.


* The progressive income tax is a communist plot.


* Obama’s policies favor the poor, blacks, immigrants and Muslims over the rich and the hard working middle class


* Obama is an advocate of reparations to compensate black Americans for centuries of slavery.


* Obama and the Democrats are strongly attached to extreme welfare expenditures for urban minorities.


* Whites and blacks have an equal chance of getting ahead in the U.S.


* Any powers exercised by the national government beyond those specifically listed in the Constitution are unconstitutional; the health reform bill is unconstitutional.


* The U.S. Constitution is a holy covenant based on divine principles.


* Americans are under serious risk of internal takeover by radical Muslims who want to overthrow democracy by imposing “Sharia Law” on the U.S.


* The U.S. has been under top-down socialist assault since the Progressive Age, when president Woodrow Wilson assaulted American freedom and prosperity with his radical agenda, setting the stage for further and ever more leftward developments under Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and, last but not least Barack Obama – “the most left wing president in American history.”


* The economy will improve significantly only if Republicans are returned to power.


* Obama and Democrats are entirely to blame for “unsustainable” U.S. deficits and debt.


* The national debt as at its highest point in U.S. history.


* Nations cannot experience economic vitality and a significant governmental debt at one and the same time.


* The Obama administration and Federal Reserve are debasing the U.S. dollar and imposing runaway inflation on the American people.


* It would be of great benefit to the economic health of the nation to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard.


* Obama raised most Americans’ taxes in 2009 and 2010.


* The Democrats’ health care reform will radically increase the deficit and national debt.

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