“White Shield”

Source: The Intercept


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White allies to the front! Get on the line!”

Devin-Barrington Ward stood in the middle of the right lane of southbound I-75/85 at dusk last Saturday night with a bullhorn in hand, and he was not playing. “If you are not going to put your body on the line for black lives, go home! Make up for the sins of your ancestors!”

I smirked. I admit it. It was absurd to hear. Looking at him, I think he thought it was a bit nuts too. But we’re all a little crazy now. Standing in the middle of the Downtown Connector in Atlanta, Georgia, a highway that usually carries about 300,000 cars a day, is also patently absurd.

“That shit Devin said was really was fucked up and ridiculous,” said Rev. Kim Jackson, an episcopal priest in Atlanta serving as a protest chaplain. “But the fact that they didn’t gas the shit out of those white kids, or come at them with batons and rubber bullets, well, it does seem to reinforce the whole point that white folk are treated better.”

This idea of a “white shield” is gaining currency among activists, who want to demonstrate that police are more deferential than violent when facing white people. So far, police seem to be confirming that thesis.

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  1. Anarcissie June 19, 2020 2:21 pm 

    Getting old White guys in front is not new. Back in the day, I used to put on my good working-at-the-bank suit for demonstrations. I was not the only one; there were sprinklings of people like me. The cops know that old White stiffs in suits often have lawyers, money in the bank, friends in high places, and they’re not so ready to start beating people.

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