the trauma of the Tragic

 the trauma of the Tragic          <12-08-08 & 1-12-09>
  this one, dude, wants to come home and relate “words” from others
    who have found that finding the war glued to all those humans
  a minutiae of animosities
    those relegations of getting from-the-Bunk tired 
   too much in the whimsicality of tidal stupefying war-Zones
        and ecology-Less closets of non-Changing need forcing the ears
   open, to listen to the bird’s searching their own hearts
        each morning knows the mind-Scape’s capacity
         laminated day-by-Day in pentagons/cIAS deaths
   while the state & federal-Prisons incarcerate ever-so-Freely 
    or w.o. vituperations of the plutocracy-Method
        questioning that if one’s camping-Out did not bring
     knocks on-the-Doors of minds in chagrin, but
   not upon the doors of scores of “politicians” whose acts
         aver not having a multiple of “political-Parties” instead of
   aversions of the perversions involving the decadence 
     of “not-as-much-Protest” as desirous due “changes”
    the op-Ed money-Market “power-Trippes” as the autocratic 
   fed-Reserve and Holywood rendezvous elocutions, not abstentions
those digressions now as when encapsulations expressed no remorse
for those undeclared-Wars, and the savior-Faire imperialism

I want to come home and put my feet upon
the lap of crime: a country of 25 million people, only a population of 1.2 million Iraqis
are dead, 4 million are refugees, 3 million are wounded and 4 million are starving
meaning that one in every two Iraqis is dead, wounded, a refugee, or starving
not the waitress that I’ve succored into a family relegation
of age-Differences entirely my own adage of
not-Doing as doling-Out “consciousness” of
the megalo-Mania not defended, but decreed
that for-a-Change might justly, mean, that others demean the military-Hegemony
   while we pro-Reductionists homogenize in the social-Template
         that w alacrity becomes the consciousness of populous
    either promoting that cognizance is not plutocracy 
 of h-Bombs
    always-on-Alert may profess to be the discerning, or
   measures of “peace” necessitating not having wars to maintain
        bases overseas to keep preening the empire
   the nuclear-Missiles so-Armed as the sagacious-Requiem
     of false-Humanity
         wars as possible for “negation-Sake” of 
         the caustically mutual impervious-Humanity 
        servility  at home
  and do you know away,  overseas, there are wars in
   Somalia, Darfur, the Congo, where the world’s people
face aberrations of starve, enslave, rape & murder 
all for a fix-of-Prosperity
do you know what “politics” should be

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