Stories From The Rebellion

Source: Extinction Rebellion

5 Billionaires control over 70% of the British Media. Last night Extinction Rebellion groups blockaded the printing presses of The Sun, The Times, The Sun on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, as well as the The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and The London Evening Standard. These people and their corporations have purposefully failed to accurately report on the climate & ecological emergency. Their consistent manipulation of the truth to suit their own personal and political agendas must be stopped.

We’re not moving forward at the speed we need to turn the climate and ecological emergency around. We’re trapped somewhere between acceptance and the reality of just how bad the situation is. The right wing media is a barrier to the truth, failing to reflect the scale and urgency of the crisis and hold governments to account. Coverage in many of the newspapers printed here is polluting national debate on climate change, immigration policy, the rights and treatment of minority groups, and on dozens of other issues. They distract us with hate to maintain their own power and wealth, profiting from our division. We can’t move forward until this barrier falls.

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